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What is the difference between a Reimbursement and Refund?

With a reimbursement, you are being paid back for goods or services you purchased on behalf of the university. With a refund, you are being paid back for goods or services that you purchased for yourself from the university, and those goods or services were not provided.

What paperwork must be submitted for a Reimbursement?

After the Purchasing Department has approved the purchase, submit a prepared invoice voucher and original itemized receipts showing proof of payment to Purchasing.

If the reimbursement includes payment for items for which receipts are not required (i.e., individual meals and mileage), an invoice voucher must be signed by the vendor under "Vendor's Certificate." See further information concerning invoice vouchers in the FAQ below.

See also Purchasing's web site

What paperwork must be submitted for a Refund?

Prepare an invoice voucher. The original form plus one copy should be forwarded to Accounts Payable 319 SHW.

What information must be furnished on an Invoice Voucher?

See Accounts Payable Tutorials and Accounts Payable Forms.

How do I get an index/account number changed on a Purchase Order or Payment Document?

If the payment has been made and has shown up on your monthly budget statements, then you need to send a memo or email to Accounts Payable requesting that the charges be transferred or JV'D (journal voucher). The memo or e-mail must be approved by someone with budget authority. Mention the following information in your correspondence: the vendor name, the amount to be transferred, the index/account numbers to be transferred to and from, and the Banner document number (e.g. I00...) from your budget statements.

If the payment has not yet been made, then you should contact the office to which you sent the initial documents. For instance, if the index number is incorrect on a purchase order or contract, then the Purchasing Dept. should be contacted at 359-2253. If the information on a travel voucher or authorization is incorrect, then Travel Accounting should be contacted at 359-2249. Accounts Payable should be contacted concerning all those payments that are sent directly to them, e.g., refunds, utilities, stipends, etc.

What is Use Tax?

Use tax is the tax we are obliged to pay when vendors do not collect Washington State sales tax on purchases we made from them. Many out-of-state vendors are not required to collect and remit sales tax to the state of Washington. When they do not collect tax, we are required to pay the tax directly to the state of Washington in the form of use tax. The use tax rate is equivalent to our sales tax rate.

How Do I Request a Change Order to a Purchase Order?

Purchasing WEB page

Submit a Purchase Order/Change Form (Purchasing Forms) to the Purchasing Department explaining the changes to your purchase order. Be sure to reference your purchase order number and the vendor name. Obtain all appropriate signatures on your form.

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