Finding a Funder

Resources for Searching for Grant Funding

Grant Databases 

Search these by keyword to find potential granting agencies.

Alert Services

Sign up to have grant announcements sent directly to you.

Funding at EWU 

Links to internal grant programs.

Regional, State, and Local Funders

Funds projects that affect our area.


Links for searching foundations and to foundation with interests in higher education.

Tips on Finding a Funder

Find similar programs or projects. Find out who funds them.

Call the project directors, read their websites or articles, and find out how they were funded.

Ask the Grants Office for Help

The Grants Office subscribes to funding announcement services and screens announcements daily. Notifications are sent to faculty and staff on a regular basis.

Research Potential Funders Thoroughly

Consider grants they've given, whether they've supported similar projects, for the amount of money you need, in the region you need, for the age group you want to serve, etc. Federal agencies generally list past grants and contracts on their websites. Foundations must file IRS form 990 which includes financial data and lists of grants made. You can find 990s on several sites, including the Foundation Center.

Here is a helpful funding decision matrix.

Here are some questions to ask about potential funders:

Federal Programs

Are you eligible?

Can you meet the match if it is required?

How many projects are being funded?

How much money is allocated for the grant program?

Could your project be changed to meet the guidelines?


Do they fund in your geographical area?

What kinds of grants do they fund -- curriculum, service, research?

Who do they give grants to? Big national organizations? Small grassroots organizations? Universities?

Do they fund tax supported institutions?

What is their funding range?

Do they fund the type of project you want to propose?

Do they expect that the project be sustained after the funding award is completed?

Do they state an interest in a particular priority but actually give no grants in the priority?

Can your project be changed to meet their priorities?

Do you need to make a phone call for more information?

Is a letter of intent required?

More information:

Contact Information

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phone: 509.359.6567