FactBook Level II

Level II Reports

Level II data are intended for internal users who are familiar with the university structure and related data. These data are historical and provide a frame of reference for data previous to the college reorganization in 2010 and data converted to the new college organization. Data anomalies occur due to new coding in Banner introduced after the reorganization.

Reference Documents

  • Modes of Instruction- All courses are assigned a mode of instruction, which designates the type of instruction (lecture, lab, independent study etc.), the level (100, 200, 300, 400 or graduate) and expected class size for each level. General descriptions for each mode are included.

Fall 2010 College Reorganization

Beginning in Fall 2010, the six colleges at EWU were collapsed to four and new codes were introduced into Banner to accommodate the changes. It is necessary to know which programs, departments, and majors were moved within the new college structure in order to produce accurate longitudinal reports. The documents below outline the changes.

*Note: Level II data are unedited. Data anomalies are attributable to the contents in Banner and the data must be interpreted with in-depth knowledge of both university administrative structure and Banner data elements in mind. External users are encouraged to contact the Office of Institutional Research, Demography and Assessment to confirm that their interpretation of Level II data is accurate.

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