EWU Freshman Profile

This page contains links to data that relate directly to who our freshmen are, what they think and what they hope to achieve. Data are from a variety of data sources, including Banner student data, the EWU Common Data Set and survey data.

First-time Full-time Freshman Demographics- Official statistics as of Fall 10th day

Entering Freshman Characteristics-including SAT and high school GPA

Freshman Majors of Interest and Credit Load

CIRP Incoming Freshman Survey

CIRP  Profiles

CIRP Longitudinal Analysis

Other Freshman Surveys

A survey of freshman perceptions, 2009
This document contains a list of statements that our Freshmen agreed or disagreed with regarding their experiences at EWU. The survey was administered by the Office of Institutional Research, Demography & Assessment in late winter and early spring of 2009 and the questions were created by an external researcher for a Lumina grant. Agreement was determined by the mean of the responses to each question within a 4 point likert scale: "Strongly Disagree", "Disagree", "Agree" or "Strongly Agree". Statistics are not included in order to  focus on the general perceptions of our freshman. Specific data are available from the Office of Institutional Research for those that are interested in the statistical details.

2008 Beginning College Survey of Student Expectations (BCSSE) Full report
The BCSSE measures entering first-year students' pre-college academic and co-curricular experiences, as well as their expectations and attitudes for participating in educationally purposeful activities during the first college year.
BCSSE Expectations Summary
- A summary of student expectations regarding frequency and time spent on activities, academic preparation, the importance of college environment and grade expectations.
BCSSE 08 Expectations Matched with NSSE 09 Experiences

The document compares the actual reported high school experiences of our 2008 freshman cohort with the college expectations of these students upon entering EWU and their actual experiences during their first year at EWU. Data limitations: only 98 students (22%) of the original 2008 BSSE sample took the 2009 NSSE. The comparison is based only on data provided by these 98 respondents.


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