Student Learning Outcomes

EWU Assessment of Learning Outcomes Overview

The Advisory Committee on Academic Assessment (ACAA) under direction of the Provost leads the assessment effort of the university. The Office of Undergraduate Studies assists faculty and staff educators with professional development, teaching and learning resources and student learning assessment support.The Office of Institutional Research assists in this effort by conducting surveys, maintaining databases and performing analyses to satisfy accreditation, state and federal assessment reporting requirements.

Measuring Student Outcomes

Student outcomes are measured in many ways at EWU including classroom testing and rubrics, student portfolios,  Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs), standardized testing (CAAP and MFT), internship evaluation, comprehensive graduate oral exams (MPA Example), and self-assessment (EWU Graduating Senior Survey).

The EWU Education department documents the outcomes of Education students in their Professional Education Program Data Repository, which includes candidate dispositions, first-year follow up, performance ratings, candidate work samples and knowledge and skill ratings. The EWU Education Department monitors Transition Point Assessments, professional certification and pass rates on teacher preparation exams.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

The EWU Catalog lists program and certificate Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), which are statements that specify what students will know or be able to do or demonstrate when they have completed each course. The faculty assess students' progress in achieving stated outcomes and AACA reviews the assessment process and documents the results.

Student Learning Outcomes Resources

There are many scholarly works and Internet resources addressing higher education outcomes assessment.

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