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How do we report stolen equipment? Is there insurance to replace the stolen items?

If the theft occurs on campus or in the City of Cheney, notify the Cheney Police Dispatch immediately at 509-535-9233. If the theft occurs off campus, notify the local authorities, either city or county law enforcement. If the theft has occurred off campus, also notify the University Police so they can obtain a copy of the police report from the appropriate agency. Then notify the Inventory Control Office by email or send a memo to 319 Showalter. List the EWU number and description of the stolen equipment. Please give as much detail as possible regarding the theft, such as location, approximate time, a contact name and other pertinent information.

The university is self-insured. This means the departments must pay for the replacement of any missing or stolen equipment from their own budgets.

What do we do about equipment that is going off campus or to someone's home?

First, make sure the equipment has been tagged by the Inventory Control office. Then fill out a Property Removal Authorization form, including the appropriate signatures. Retain a copy of the form for your department files,  the original form needs to be sent to Inventory Control so that we can update our records.

If you would like the current inventory records to reflect the change to an off-campus location, notify the Inventory Control Office at

What do we do about equipment that is returned under warranty?

Notify the Inventory Control office before the equipment is returned. You can send an e-mail message to or call 509-359-4304. We will need the EWU number of the item being returned so it can be removed from your inventory. Then notify us again when the replacement has been received and we will make arrangements to tag the new item.

How do we get rid of equipment that we no longer want?

All equipment that is no longer being used needs to be transferred to Surplus Property. No University equipment should be disposed of without going through Surplus Property.

Call Surplus Property at 509.359.7377. They will  help you complete the inventory transfer form. Be sure to retain copies of completed and signed forms for your files.

How do we transfer equipment to another department?

Complete an Equipment Inventory Change Request form. It is also available from Central Stores as a three-part NCR form. Fill out the form entirely, including Section A which must be signed by the receiving department. The department that is giving the equipment must sign the form at the very bottom. After both signatures have been obtained, send the completed form to the Inventory Control office, 319 Showalter. Once the Fixed Asset system has been updated, a signed copy of the form will be returned to each department.

Can we trade in old equipment?

Yes. All trade-ins must be approved by the Purchasing office. On your Purchase Requisition be sure to list the EWU number of the equipment you are trading in, so it can be removed from your inventory roster.

How do we get old, obsolete equipment removed from our inventory listing?

The only way to remove old, obsolete equipment from your inventory is to physically send the item to Surplus Property. The current value or age of an item has nothing to do with whether or not it stays on the active inventory. If the item is currently being used it has a value and must be inventoried. If the equipment was purchased for more than $300 and is considered to be 'Small & Attractive' according to state guidelines, or if it cost more than $5,000, it stays on the active inventory as long as it is being used.

How do we get unlocatable equipment removed from our inventory listing?

Unlocated items are not removed from the active inventory just because they are unlocated. Departments are asked for detailed explanations as to what steps were taken to locate the item and what they believe may have happened to the item. After an appropriate amount of time is given for an item to possibly be located in another department, consideration will be given to removing the item from the department's inventory.

How do we know what is considered "small and attractive" equipment?

"Small & Attractive" is defined as an item with an acquired cost greater than $300 and less than $5,000 and includes: personal computers, monitors, printers, scanners, laptops, VCRs, video cameras, televisions, and still cameras . The definition of "Small & Attractive" and the equipment considered as such, are established by the Office of Financial Management. If you need more specific information regarding these types of items, please call the Inventory Control office at 359-4304.

Who is responsible for monitoring tagged equipment?

The Director, Dean or VP of the organizational unit is ultimately responsible for ensuring all tagged equipment items designated to their organizational unit are safeguarded and accounted for. Inventory Rosters are sent out periodically to the Director, Dean or VP of the organizational unit, containing a full list of tagged equipment items identified as under their custodianship. The Inventory Roster should be scanned when received to help ensure that any newly acquired, transferred or disposed assets are accurately recorded, noting if any updates are needed and completing the proper inventory form to correct the discrepancy.

When will my newly purchased equipment be tagged?

New equipment will be tagged as soon as possible after delivery. Equipment needs to be marked "received" by Receiving/Surplus before it can be tagged, call Receiving/Surplus at 509-359-7377 to confirm equipment ordered has been received.
Be sure any equipment going to an off campus location is tagged before it leaves campus. Call Inventory Control if tagging needs to be expedited, 509-359-4304.

What if my tagged equipment needs to be sent off campus for repairs?

Equipment sent off campus for repairs must be documented. In some cases the vendor will provide a claim form. If not, record in a memo the tag number, serial number, description, repair location, date and signature of individual taking the equipment. When the equipment is returned, record the date of return on the memo.

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