Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR) is a friendly, helpful resource.  We are here for students and others who feel their rights are being violated or who need help understanding University policies. We serve as advocates and mentors. We help students learn from their mistakes and understand what it means to be a part of an academic community. We work hard to protect the university community by holding students responsible when their behavior violates the student conduct code or poses a safety risk.

We recognize that students are on individual journeys in terms of development. Our staff values include non discrimination, respectfulness and privacy. We offer information and resources to assist students in making their own decisions.

SRR supports the academic mission of the University by providing programs and services designed to meet the educational and developmental needs of students in relation to community standards, conflict management and resolution, civility, academic integrity and community citizenship.

Student Support and Advocacy

The Dean of Students office is a resource for students who have been affected by sexual assault, intimate partner violence or stalking. The university offers privacy, support and information about students' options: how to obtain an order for protection, working with the police and filing a report, help with contacting professors, addressing housing issues and referrals to counselors and other resources on and off campus. For assistance or more information, contact the Dean of Students office:  PUB 320 or 509.359-7924.

Upholding the Student Conduct Code

When there is an alleged case of student misconduct, a report is sent to the director of SSR, who reviews it. Following the review, a student may be charged with a violation. If charged, the student receives a letter notifying him/her to schedule a meeting with a conduct review officer.

At the meeting the student's rights will be explained, as well as the hearing procedure. If the student is found responsible through the hearing process, a sanction may be imposed. Sanctions are designed to be educational in order to help students learn from their choices and provide the opportunity to change behavior.  Detailed information regarding violations, the hearing procedure, and sanctions are outline in the student conduct code.

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