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Professional Leave Information and Application

 "Professional Leave shall be granted by the Board of Trustees for the purpose of providing opportunities for study, research, and creative activities for the enhancement of the University's instructional and research programs. Selection for professional leave will be judged on the merits of each case as it meets the specific scholarship and/or research and service deemed important to the University criteria for selection. The element of rotation shall not be a factor in selection. Professional leave may be taken to pursue projects in the following areas:

(a) Research.

(b) Scholarly and Creative activity, including the scholarship of teaching or librarianship.

(c) Any other area of professional development that complies with the criteria set by the Research, Service and Scholarship Committee ("RSS Committee").

(d) Retraining of tenure and tenure-track faculty facing program reduction or elimination.

(e) Service to the University and/or the external community.

** NEW **

Professional Leave Application and Deadlines for 2018-2019

Applications must be submitted by the following deadlines.

Please note the TENTATIVE sequential deadlines. The final deadlines will be updated once the corrected Calendar of Deadlines is published. Last year the deadline from applicants to department chairs was October 31.

  1. From applicants to department chairs by TBD .

  2. From department chairs to academic deans by TBD.

  3. From the academic dean to Vice Provost, by TBD.

For the application and more information, please click on the following application links. 

 Professional Leave Application

The Collective Bargaining Agreement may be viewed at the following link.


Collective Bargaining Agreement



If you have difficulties opening the application, please contact Leslie Swannack at or 509.359.4675.

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