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The State General Schedule (GS) is available on Washington State Archives website, recently updated on October 2016.  Again, many of the titles have been changed in the new schedule to reflect the changes across the state, a few sections have been combined and a few sections have been discontinued.

The Digital Archives is the nation's first archives dedicated specifically to the preservation of electronic records from both state and local agencies that have permanent legal, fiscal or historic value.  It is a section of the state Archives, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State.  Estimating that the State of Washington is missing more than half of its electronic records, archivists believe that many of these documents including letters from former Governors and other elected officials, as well as ancestral records, may never be recovered.

History buffs can experience a taste of Washington's past right from their desktops.  The Digital Archives partnered with Microsoft to create a screen saver program.  Viewers can visually experience Washington's story such as the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, the building of the Legislative Dome and a ship aground at Cape Disappointment in the 1910s.  The new screen saver contains regularly updated historical photographs and downloads new content and pictures each time it starts up.

The screen saver can be accessed at the Digital Archives website at

Designed to be usable by other states, the new Digital Archives technology can be utilized to digitally preserve historical records nationwide.

EWU News

Did you know?

All public records must be scheduled!

Did you know?

Records Retention Schedules documents the Records Life Cycle

Records Retention Schedules documents an agency's legal business practice

Records Retention Schedules provide legal authority to destroy public records

Did you know?

You should inventory your holdings at least annually

You should ensure records retention schedules reflect the processes of your department

You should only use approved records retention schedules as your legal authority to retain and dispose of public records

You must document all records disposed of

How much do you know about the life cycle of your department's records?

Do you know where/what your Retention Schedule is?

Benefits of a Records Retention Program are many.  Your office storage space requirements are reduced.  Many records are not necessary and can be eliminated.  Records identified as inactive, but requiring continued retention, can be stored in a less expensive secondary storage facility, leaving your valuable office space available for the most current and active records.  Unnessary records will not be accumulated in the future due to your knowledge of retention.  You will be more efficient in the everyday operations of your office/department.  All Records Custodians play a critical role and are invaluable to the University's Records Retention Team!

Compliance with legal retention requirements eliminates keeping records too long, or destroying them too soon.  You will have protection during litigation or government investigation through the identification of those records that will need to be maintained and possibly produced.

All departments should have an assigned Records Custodian, please email or to set an appointment for help organizing your records or any questions at all regarding your department retention schedule.

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