University College Learning Outcomes

Cognitive Complexity: critical thinking, reflective thinking, effective reasoning, intellectual flexibility, emotion/cognition integration, identity/cognition integration; information and quantitative literacy.

Knowledge Acquisition: understanding knowledge from a range of disciplines; connecting knowledge to other knowledge, ideas, and experiences; relate knowledge to daily life; pursuit of lifelong learning; career decidedness; technological competence; and integrative and applied learning

Personal & Social Responsibility: understanding and appreciation of cultural and human differences; humanitarianism; global perspective and sense of civic engagement

Practical Competence: effective communication; capacity to manage one's personal affairs; economic self-sufficiency and vocational competence; maintain personal health and wellness; prioritize leisure pursuits; living a purposeful and satisfying life

Interpersonal/Intrapersonal Competence: realistic self-appraisal, self-understanding; personal attributes such as identity, self-esteem, confidence, ethics and integrity, spiritual awareness, personal goal setting; meaningful relationships; interdependence; collaboration; ability to work with people different from self; lifelong learning

Learning Reconsidered (2004 & 2006)

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