Chapter 35 FAQs

Find out more about your Chapter 35 benefits with this phamplet and these FAQs.

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Who qualifies for Chapter 35 benefits?

A spouse or dependent of a veteran who is permanently and totally disabled as the result of, or dies of, a service-connected disability.

What does the Chapter 35 benefit cover?

It provides a monthly stipend paid directly to the spouse or dependent.  If the veteran and spouse/dependent are all Washington State residents the student is eligible for a state tuition waiver.  See Waivers page.

How long can a student use Chapter 35 benefits?

As a son or daughter (including stepchild or adopted child), as long as they have entitlement left, can generally receive benefits under this program from age 18 to 26 (eight years).  If you're a spouse and you're eligible benefits generally end 10 years from the effective date of the veteran's permanent and total disability evaluation.

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